Style and Substance

We have an exclusive range of bespoke and beautifully crafted plantation shutters. Each bespoke hardwood shutter is precision made and has Mortise and Tenon joints and is glued to ensure its strength. All have their own features and are made to exacting standards and are hand finished by craftsmen and we can advise you on the suitability of each.

Our bespoke range:

Craftwood: Made from MDF these shutters look fantastic and are great for impact resistance. Due to their weight they aren't suitable for tier on tier, large panel sizes or windows that suffer with condensation (MDF frames will expand). Priced from £302 per square meter fully fitted including VAT (minimum order of two square meters), hidden tilt rods, bays etc are additional cost items.

Sustainable Paulownia: This is a fast growing timber and the plantations follow strict regulations for sustainability which is benificial for our planet, they are engineered cross bonded timber with Mortise and Tenon joints. Light in weight they are excellent for larger width panels and tier on tier.

Sustainable white Teak: Grown in the Solomon Islands the plantations also follow strict regulations for sustainability this is an engineered shutter with a cross bonded core, Mortice and Tenon joints. Stiles, louvres and rails are single lengths of timber therefor eliminating shrinkage at finger joints, frames are also made exclusively from white teak. 

Bathroom: This shutter looks and feels like a hardwood shutter. It's designed with Bathroom's, Kitchen's or other damp or wet rooms in mind. Virtually identical to a hardwood shutter it is in fact made from genuinely impervious materials. The hinges made from marine grade stainless steel which are guaranteed not to rust.

Other materials are available which if suitable may an option and may be offered during an in home design visit



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